Download the New Mixtape now!!!

2009-12-16 01:30:51 by JK-595

DOWNLOAD LINK: 04cfdfb829a14c96a5f2

Download the New Mixtape now!!!


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2009-12-18 16:02:11

My gosh did I seriously just download a hip-hop album? Haha.

Nice work man. Nice work. I like what you've got here, so I'm checking out your album.

JK-595 responds:

thanx man haha... duuuude, thats awesome =D
make sure to check out anything i bring in the future.


2010-01-09 00:58:40

Just DL'd it. Good stuff, my man. Check me out if you want. I make beats and such. Stay up.


2011-06-15 21:09:04

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